Turkish Coffee set with Tray (14pcs) - 'Welcoming'

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This Turkish Coffee set is our most luxurious and affluent set. The intricate Arabic Calligraphy decorations and Umm-Kulthum themed designs makes it a must-have for those with an appetite for luxury.

Our unique sets are made of durable porcelain and go through an extensive manufacturing process that makes their color and luminosity exceptional. They are crafted using the best materials and are fabricated to the highest possible industry standards. 

For the Arabs amongst us: Make sure you serve this coffee with a layer of foam (wesh) on top or you'll get in trouble! 

In the box: This 14 piece set includes 6 espresso cups (2.5 oz), 6 saucers, 1 sugar cup holder, and 1 tray. Each cup and saucer features a different design. 

Available in: 'Umm Kulthum' collection and 'Welcoming' collection