About ModinaX

Influenced by the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and the heritage of our culture, we present to you ModinaX. An innovative and modern product brand where the history of Egyptian and Arab culture is merged with modern and beautiful designs.

ModinaX was created by two 2nd-generation Egyptians who were born and raised in Europe and America. Being born and raised in the western world we felt like we are a part of two different cultures and we wanted to create an opportunity for others like us to represent their heritage.

The name ModinaX is a merge of a few different things. The word “Madina” مدينة in Arabic means “hometown”, and we decided to modify this word to reflect the names of the founders of the company, Moe and Dina as "مودينا". We added an X to the end to represent an “x marks the spot” which allows us to apply our brand to every single place in the world. So all together, ModinaX represents the crossing of two people, two cities, two generations, as one.