Espresso Cup with Saucer set - Pastel colors

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Start your morning or your evening with a delicious cup of fresh, hot espresso or Turkish coffee in this elegant and modern espresso cup set. There is no Arab household that doesn't have one of these durable porcelain products as part of their kitchenware.  

Once you lay your lips on the rim of this mug, you will not only taste the delicious espresso that you made, you will also feel the authenticity of the Egyptian & Lebanese culture as displayed by the hand written Arabic calligraphy design stating famous Umm Kulthum, Fairuz or Abdelhalim Hafez lyrics and their respective headshots. 

For the Arabs amongst us: Make sure you serve this coffee with a layer of foam (wesh) on top or you'll get in trouble! 

In the box: This 12 piece set includes 6 espresso cups (2.5 oz), and 6 saucers. Each cup with its matching saucer in this set is unique and features a different color and design. 

Available in: Assorted Pastel Colors. The colors in the drop-down menu are in the same order as the colors in the pictures. 

Dishwasher Safe